SwiftBoat, business application software:

SwiftBoat SUITE (Digitization Suite), Integrate CRM, HRM, OA and other systems to promote digital transformation and upgrading.

SwiftBoat CRM (Customer Relationship Management System), based on BizDev platform, we provide businesses with services such as business opportunity follow-up, transaction promotion, customer management, and order (contract) management.

SwiftBoat FMS (Financial Management Software), Suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, practical, data security. SwiftBoat FMS mini is suitable for individuals, shops, and small and micro enterprises to manage daily receipts and payments, which is simple, practical, and data secure.

SwiftBoat PSI (Purchase, Sales & Inventory Management System).

SwiftBoat HRM (Human Resource Management System), based on BizDev platform, we provide businesses with services such as recruitment, job hunting, etc.

SwiftBoat PMS (Project Management Software), suitable for teams and enterprises, which is simple, practical, and data secure.

SwiftBoat EAM (Equipment & Asset Management System), The standardized, systematic and digital process management platform for the whole life cycle of equipment assets can well solve the problems of inconsistent accounts, unclear equipment, unclear assets, idle waste, asset loss, and inflated assets.

SwiftBoat RDM (R&D Management System), a software for R&D team management, project management, fund management, intellectual property rights and achievement management of enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions to improve scientific and technological innovation, product research and development capabilities and management levels.

SwiftBoat LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), the whole process of the laboratory is digitally managed to improve the quality, efficiency and management level of work.

SwiftBoat NMS (Network Information Work Management System), include network information asset management, equipment inspection and maintenance, transaction tracking, document management, etc.Improve the digital level of network security management.

SwiftBoat ACS (Goods Anti-Counterfeiting System), One Product One Code, Product authentication and anti-counterfeiting. Suitable for anti-counterfeiting protection of various goods (including import and export goods), welcome enterprises to use.


SwiftBoat, for merchants, the following software is available,support personal computer, local area network, private cloud deployment, data confidential storage.

SMS (Store Management System)

BIM (Beauty Industry Management System)

RMS (Restaurant Management System)

CHM (Clubhouse Management System)

HMS (Hotel Management System)

PRM (Property Rental Management System)

ECS (Elderly Care Management System)

HIS (Hospital Information System)

CMS (Clinic Management System)

DSM (Drugstore Management System)

TMS (Training Management System)

AMS (Association Management System)

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